Scholarship Presnted by:

L.N. Curtis

L.N. Curtis Family Academic Scholarship Program

The Nevada Fire Chiefs Association (NFCA) is pleased to provide an annual scholarship for the children of NFCA members in good standing. One of the foundational principles of the NFCA is to provide educational opportunities to not only members, but their children as well. By providing this scholarship we hope to encourage young students to further their education in academia or the trades by assisting with the financial burden.

The NFCA is fortunate to be supported in this endeavor by Paul Curtis, President of L.N. Curtis and Sons. Each year Mr. Curtis and his family renew their commitment to this important program and additional funding is earmarked annually within the NFCA budget.

The L.N. Curtis Family Academic Scholarship is available to the sons, daughters, grandchildren, stepsons or stepdaughters, and children whose eligible guardians are members in good standing or life members of the Association. The awarding of these scholarships is governed by the rules of qualifications on the standard application form.

The number of awards shall be determined based on the number of qualified applicants. There shall be at least one award given annually in the amount of $2,500 or two $1,250 awards. The NFCA 2024 Scholarship Application Period will begin March 11, 2024. Deadline for submittals is April 26, 2024. Applicants will be notified no later than June 3, 2024.

Please download the application, fill it out and email to with all supporting documents. Refer to the NFCA Policy #3 for details.