Nevada Fire Chiefs Equipment Program

The Nevada Fire Chiefs Association is pleased to provide this page as a service to NFCA members for the sharing, donation, or purchase of equipment and apparatus among fire departments, state and federal agencies, and other public safety entities. NFCA Corporate Members may also participate in this information and opportunity sharing program. However, it's essential to note that the NFCA's role is strictly limited to providing a platform for sharing information and opportunities. The association doesn't assume any interest or responsibility beyond this facilitation function. Agreements regarding the sharing, donation, or purchase of equipment and apparatus are made directly between the interested parties involved.


Chevy Type 1 4X2 Ambulance

This is a Certified “Star of Life” Ambulance built by REV Ambulance Group and is delivery ready at this time. Basic Ambulance Description: New White Type 1 , 2022, Chevy 5500, CV Int’l, 4X2, 170” X 95” X 74” Box, 44” Aisle, Dual AC in Module with Cool Bar, Liquid Springs, Stryker Cot Mounting Plate

Available for immediate delivery

Contact: John Barson at 801-200-3240 or

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