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Storey County Fire Department - Station 5

Storey County Fire Department - Station 5 is also known as: Tahoe-Reno Industrial Complex Fire Department 
Station 5 Picture
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Volunteer Recruitment Information
Storey County Fire Department - Station 5 is accepting volunteer applications

Station 5 is a mostly volunteer fire department. This means that our community's safety depends on people like you contributing their time as volunteers. Please, help the McCarran community by applying to become a volunteer firefighter.

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Contact Information:
Physical Address
Storey County Fire Department - Station 5
1705 Peru
McCarran, NV 89434
Mailing Address
Storey County Fire Department - Station 5
1705 Peru
McCarran, NV 89434
Phone: (775) 847-0954
Fax: (775) 847-0987
Dial 911 for Emergencies!
Fire Chief:
No Fire Chief Picture Provided
Jeff Nevin

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