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Become a Volunteer Firefighter in Churchill County, NV

You can apply to a specific fire department by clicking a fire department below or you can apply to to become a firefighter at any fire department in the area near your home address (or another location you specify).

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Fire Department information and photos on nvfirechf.org is sourced from and copyrighted by FireDepartment.net
The source of fire staiton information is: https://www.firedepartment.net/directory/nevada/churchill-county


Most firefighting jobs are highly competitive & require a strong resume. Volunteers gain experience & training that strengthens a resume.
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Fire Chiefs, get more applicants by posting jobs on NFCA's website. NFCA advertises on Google to promote NV fire jobs.


Sponsorship starts at $1,000/year. Sponsors get space on the Nevada Fire Chiefs website and most email corrospondance. Contact ken@nvfirechf.org to learn more.