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Volunteer Recruitment Assistance

Nevada is made up of many small towns, where volunteer firefighters are essential to maintaining the safety of each community. The Nevada Chiefs' goal is to make volunteer recruitment easier and less expensive for member fire departments.

We started a new volunteer recruitment program early in 2017, where community members located anywhere in Nevada can search for and apply online to become a volunteer firefighter. Community members can choose to apply to an individual fire department or apply to all fire departments near their home that has a need for volunteers. Applications are sent to the NFCA, where we forward applications to fire administrators at applicable fire departments. This volunteer recruitment program is free to all Nevada fire departments and in our first year, over 500 volunteer applicants were submitted through our Website.

Tips to Get More Volunteer Firefighter Applications

Having a central volunteer recruitment website for the entire state of Nevada (@ nvfirechf.org/volunteer), for community members to search for and apply to become volunteers, has been the key to the growth in volunteer applications. As an individual fire department there are a few things you can do to utilize this program to get more volunteer firefighter applications from people in your community:


Most firefighting jobs are highly competitive & require a strong resume. Volunteers gain experience & training that strengthens a resume.
Apply to be a volunteer

Post a Job

Fire Chiefs, get more applicants by posting jobs on NFCA's website. NFCA advertises on Google to promote NV fire jobs.


Sponsorship starts at $1,000/year. Sponsors get space on the Nevada Fire Chiefs website and most email corrospondance. Contact ken@nvfirechf.org to learn more.