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Become a Volunteer Firefighter

The Nevada Fire Chiefs Association has created a statewide volunteer firefighter recruitment application to help all fire departments in Nevada recruit volunteers.

To apply, select a county where you'd like to become a volunteer firefighter. The next page will list each fire department and show which fire departments are activly recruiting volunteers. Applicants can also fill out a general volunteer firefighter application if you don't havae a specific fire department you want to apply to. These applications will be forwarded to all volunteer fire departments in your area.

Carson City, NV Fire Departments are not recruiting volunteers at this time.
Churchill County, NV
Clark County, NV
Douglas County, NV
Elko County, NV
Esmeralda County, NV
Eureka County, NV
Humboldt County, NV
Lander County, NV
Lincoln County, NV
Lyon County, NV
Mineral County, NV
Nye County, NV
Pershing County, NV
Storey County, NV
Washoe County, NV
White County, NV