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Volunteer Recruitment Assistance

As a rural state, volunteers are esential to maintaining the safety of our communties. Our goal is to make volunteer recruitment easier and less expensive for our member fire departments.

The Nevada Fire Chiefs Association provides multiple volunteer recruitment programs:
  • NFCA created a state-wide online volunteer firefighter recruitment program for all fire departments in Nevada. This program includes an online application hosted on the NFCA website and availiable to any Nevada fire department to use from their website. All volunteer applications are reviewed by the NFCA and sent to the fire department nearest the applicant's address.
  • NFCA sponsors all Nevada fire department's use of FireDepartment.net, where fire departments can easily get their fire department online at no cost and it provides an entirely different audience of community members the opportunity to apply to become volunteer firefighters.
  • NFCA supports VolunteerFirefighter.info, who helped create a Nevada Volunteer Recruitment program.
  • NFCA funds VolunteerFirefighter.org, who created a television ad and offline materials for potential volunteers.
  • NFCA funds multiple online advertising campaigns to encorage community members to become a volunteer firefighter.

Link to the online volunteer appliction for your fire department:

Let your community know you're seeking volunteers by linking to your fire department's online volunteer firefighter application. We have added the basic code to create a link to our program. Just add the code below to your website (where you want the link to appear) and replace the two sections sections that say "Add your fire department's name" with your fire department's name. This will link to the volunteer firefighter application for your fire department.

<a href="http://www.nvfirechf.org/volunteer/volunteer-firefighter-application/?&fireDepartment=Add Your Fire Department's Name Here">Apply to volunteer at Add Your Fire Department's Name Here</a>

This will show a link saying:
Apply to volunteer at Your Fire Department's Name

Links can also be placed on social media sites by using just the link:
http://www.nvfirechf.org/volunteer/volunteer-firefighter-application/?&fireDepartment=Add Your Fire Department's Name Here

If you have questions or need help linking to this program, contact lars@nvfirechf.org.


Want to be a firefighter?

Most firefighting jobs are highly competitive & require a strong resume. Volunteers gain experience & training that strengthen a resume.
Apply to be a volunteer

Post a Job

Fire Chiefs, get more applicants by posting jobs on NFCA's website. NFCA advertises on Google to promote NV fire jobs.

Cancer Support Network

Firefighters protect yourself from cancer!